We specialise in creating fun, fresh, unique photo booth experiences to impress your guests with photos they will love and cherish forever. We mix clever ideas with creative portrait photography techniques to offer you a bespoke photo booth service to add the wow factor to your party, wedding or event in London, Kent or Essex.  





Open Photo Booth 

Instead of all your guests being cramped in a box or limited options with the magic mirror we have:

  • Open set up - An open professional studio set up  - great for group photos as many guests in the photo as you want,

  • Everyone can get involved - Unlike the enclosed photo booth and magic mirror, we can cater for all your guests including guests in wheelchairs, smaller children, older guests with mobility problems and any guests with access problems etc. No one will be prevented from having their photo taken,

  • Photo quality - Many enclosed photo booths and magic mirrors fail to produce sufficient photo quality despite using the best cameras on the market, We produce crisp, stunning studio quality photos using beauty studio lighting, DSLR cameras and our special sauce photo editing with photoshop on every single photo,

  • Unlimited FREE photo downloading,

  • All guests can see and get involved in the action,

  • Adjustable height/width sizing so our booth can fit in any venue or home,

  • A professional photographer taking your photos against the backdrop - Most magic mirrors don't have a backdrop which means anyone can walk past in background while photos are being taken or the background is unsuitable which spoils the photo 

  • All our packages come with our standard prop box full of fun stylish props.




Photo Printing & FREE photo downloading 

Unlimited photo printing 

We offer unlimited printing with FREE photo downloading 


Customise/brand your photos 

You can add any text, logos, graphics, and hashtags 

FREE unlimited photo downloading 

All of your photos will be uploaded to our online gallery for you and your guests to download for free.


Non-printing options

If you don't want photo printing we offer photo downloading only packages, guests will download their photos for free after the event.


Airbrushed Effect Photos 


We have a special technique to create photos with an airbrushed polished look creating beautiful photos every time. All our photos go through the following steps:


Amazing Light 

In the world of photography, amazing light is everything to produce the highest quality photo. We use signature beauty lighting techniques to ensure your guests look radiant, polished and smooth skin.



Easy celebrity style & standard poses to produce the most flattering photos.


Airbrushed Effect

After your event, we apply our special sauce (photo editing) to all of your photos, this is what we call the icing on the cake to finish of the airbrush look on all of your photos.






Family photos

Family photos 

FREE Stunning studio quality family portraits are included in all of our packages.



Formal Photos

Formal photos

Excellent If you want a mixture of formal photos and Photo Booth You can opt to have formal photos included in your photo booth package.






Photo Booth 


We have photo booth packages that include a party photographer and you can choose to add any photos below to your photo booth package:


  • Photos of your venue and decorations 

  • Arrival photos

  • Photos of guests at the table

  • Family portraits, couples, & groups

  • Formal photos 

  • Custom portraits 

  • Party Photography 

  • Speeches

  • Anything else 


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